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Vision of Victory Publishing was born out of the strong passion for written expression and the desire to give a textual voice to the testimony and dream of those that otherwise would not seek publishing due to rigid industry standards. Unlike other publishing houses or agencies, the goal at VoV Publishing is not to scrutinize and ultimately discard your precious writing as unfit but instead we seek to aid in the writing process in order to develop a publication that satisfies the desires of our clients and readers of all interests. Our approach is intimate and in most cases custom tailored to suit your needs.

Ideally, we will provide supplemental services that brings your writing project to completion, whether it is your life biography, an essay on something you've researched, copy for your website, a brochure for your business, a play you've been working on or some other material you've dreamt of sharing with others. We are here to fill in the gaps that bridge your vision of success to a victorious reality!

In addition to a passion for written expression, we also have a profound love of the arts in all forms, primarily traditional illustration and computer graphic and web design. Our experience of communication through various forms of technology is vastly different now than in the past; (text and graphics) of some type are coupled in nearly every outlet of expression and every inlet of interaction including cellphones, cars, television, social media and all across the Internet. We believe and are determined to foster meaningful, relevant and superb publications and to create and co-create these publications in such a way that uniquely and succinctly incorporates fundamental writing and graphic design principles.

Mission Statement

Vision of Victory Publishing aims to develop and facilitate the production of quality literary, technical and professional prose as well as customized and creative graphic design content in the form of books, print material, & computer and multimedia graphics that embraces the digital age of information and expression.

About Our Publishing & Design Services

Personalized & Professional Writing Services

Our general writing services include: transcription, ghostwriting, co-authoring, copywriting and writing for print and other multimedia formats. We work with you at your pace and follow projects to completion. We can work with as little or as much freedom as you desire and we accept work contracts (subject to review). Please contact us for more information.

Precise & Thorough Proofreading, Revision & Editing

We provide careful and meticulous proofreading, revision and editing services to our clients. Our document and information review process is thorough and precise. We hold a standard of excellence and documents are subject to review by more than one editor for maximum efficiency. These services are available in addition to general writing services or separately based on your personal needs and the needs of your project. We also adhere to the many common standard language practices including MLA and APA guidelines for academia and scholarly materials. Please contact us for more information.

Concept Design For Book Jackets & Print Media

Book design is important to the success of any printed publication. Our goal is to make sure it is okay to judge your book by it's cover. Not only do we develop the outside book cover/jacket but we also design and format the internal book structure so that the project is seamless in beauty and function.

In addition, we also provide custom graphic design solutions from concept mocking to print-ready files for books and all forms of printed materials including: books, magazines, fliers and ads, posters and banners, reports, and other specialized projects. Please contact us for more information.

Multimedia Content Design For Diverse Projects

Our graphic design services are not limited to just books and printed material. We develop content for all various multimedia and physical design projects. This could range from custom images for a website or blog or even a car-wrap for your vehicle. Just think, anything that has a graphic or image on it we can design and develop visuals that meet all specifications to complete your project. Please contact us for more information.

Publication SpotlightAvailable Now!

We are proud to present first-time author Miss D Jennings, and her book, "I Am You: A Story of Grace & Mercy " as our publication spotlight for Winter 2016. Purchase your copy for e-reader today or pre-order your paperback version.

I Am You is a memoir of the life and testimony of a woman whose faith in God has allowed her to overcome homelessness, rejection, rape, fear, loneliness and recover from near destruction. It characterises God's love for mankind through the lens of one woman, her family and her struggles. Miss D recalls how her unconventional lifestyle and poor decisions lead her down a path of troublesome relationships and bitter experiences dangerously close to her breaking point. Jennings explains how she miraculously claimed the victory in each battle through infallible grace and unmerited mercy in a testament to the power of God's love.

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Thank you for your interest in our publishing firm. If you would like a project quote or have questions regarding a design or writing project that you'd like us to work alongside you in order to help bring to fruition please feel free to send us a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

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